I have been extremely grateful for my garage gym in the past couple weeks, but unfortunately it is not complete. One of my favorite exercises are pull-ups/chin-ups. This is one of the few tool my garage is missing. I have one on the way, but with the rush for home equipment the shipping time is up to a couple weeks. So until then, I focus on rows, pullovers, etc. The same is going on with the quarantine diet. I love red meat, but the pickings are a little slim lately. Luckily I have a deer in the freezer. During these times it’s important to remember that nothing has to be perfect. Some times shooting for good enough will suffice. It’s better to aim at perfection and drop slightly off target than to just shoot myself in the foot. The only question on my mind is, “Is this going help or hinder my progress?” One simply question requires one simple answer.

Yesterday work:

4x 20 KB Romanian Deadlifts with banded hip hinge/ 20 walking lunges

5x 10 Goblet Squats/ 20 KB Swings

3x 20 Hindu Squats/ 10 Forward to Reverse Lunges