I have seen some memes about not wasting time and learning a new skill during this “down time.” I agree that time should never be wasted because it’s the only resource you cannot add. That’s why it pisses me off when I have to wait on others or someone is on time, but not prepared. But I’m not using this time to learn a new skill. I haven’t found a new skill I want to dive into. I’m using this time to refine the skills I already posses. Today I broke down my barbell training system and rebuilt and redesigned my approach to teaching the movements. I had to perform this with a shovel and some light bands due to not being able to go to the gym, but the mechanics are the same. Some would argue that the mechanics of an empty bar are more challenging because the heavier weight will assist in the lowering phase of the lift.

The art of my chosen profession is constantly evolving, and devolving in some ways, so staying on top of every element is essential for growth. This is one of the most motivating and frustrating characteristics of fitness, but the basics remain the same and they are truly all one needs to master to be successful. Mastery can be a double-edged sword in it’s own right, but that’s a topic for another day. Until then, refine the blade until it becomes legendary and add only what is useful to your arsenal.

Today’s Work:

1 1/2 hours of various stretching (3x3x 1 Min hold)

30 mins Various Pranayama Techniques